Star of Pearls of America- Bevan Viljoen

Bevan Viljoen is an extraordinary actor who is currently working on a few new films.  He has been working very hard recently and his efforts have not gone unseen.  He did a breathtakingly great job in the movie Pearls of Africa which he played the starring role of Andy.  Just last year Bevan was honored with the Best Actor Award from Transatlantic Films.  

Bevan first became interested in acting in high school.  While going to college, he put his acting dreams on hold to pursue his career as an athlete.  However, while working in London’s West End Bevan’s passion for acting was sparked once again.  He began taking film and theatre classes at the Actor’s Centre and at various private studios.  Bevan has worked on several commercials, mostly for Nike Athlete and Appletizer.  

 He is also currently working on filming a new movie, Fighting Talk.  Bevan will play the role of Dexter Hunter, an American Special Agent who is tracking down two criminals.  He is also going to start work on a feature film, The Ghost of the Black Sea, which is scheduled to start filming in Bulgaria in October; he will be playing the role of Sergeant Smith.  He has also recently been attached to a Sci-Fi feature film which is due to begin shooting soon in London. It is scheduled to start in November but it has not been announced yet.  Bevan does not only act in films, he has broadened his horizons to TV and Theatre as well and has also recently begun writing scripts.  He has starred in a TV series, Gigolo and a TV movie, Black in Blue. Bevan is a very determined and hardworking actor whose abilities and accomplishments speak for themselves.  

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