Star Of The Season 2 Web Series ‘Urban Jungle’ -Romane Portail

We’ve seen Romane Portail is several projects and we’ve come to the conclusion that she is a true artist of an actress. She has played almost every kind of role you could think of from 18th century powdered wig beauties to a 1940s French girl to contemporary women who tell it like it is. Romane has all the talent and training to express any kind of emotion and play any type of character she takes on.


This lovely and refreshing French actress studied under Jean Claude Cotillard for three years and then was one of only twelve applicants out of 800 hopeful students selected for entrance to one of France’s most elite acting schools, ENSATT, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre. Jean Claude Cotillard was the director of the conservatory of Dramatic Arts of Orleans and just happens to be the father of Academy Award-winning French actress Marion Cotillard, who was in Midnight in Paris, Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, to name just a few of her movies.

Romane has a very long resumé and it contains numerous films, stage plays and TV shows that this excellent and highly disciplined actress has contributed to. Some of the movies she has been in are, Fujits, L Age D Homme Maintenant Ou Jamais, Hostiles, On Voulait Tout Casser and Le Garcon, to mention a few. Her TV experiences have been countless, Falco, Interventions, Un Flic, Ris, Muerte A Collioure, Faux Coupable, Les Bleus and La Belle Endormie, among many, many others. Romane has performed in most of the classics on stage including many plays by Moliere.

Romane currently resides in London and works in both Paris and England but has recently signed with a major talent manager in Los Angeles and plans to pursue movie career there also. She has all her bases covered and with her talent and great looks, Romane has established herself as an actress who can be cast in any part and be counted on to deliver the goods.

Her experience plus all her years of intensive training has paid off because she is one of the busiest international actresses on the planet. She has had little time to relax this year and next year she has a pretty full schedule too. She will be in season two of the fabulous web series Urban Jungle  and has several movies and TV shows lined up.

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