Talented Actress, Writer And Producer Natasha Ivkovic

The multi-hyphenated actress-writer-producer Natasha Ivkovic isn’t really a threat, as some competitors might think, she simply bring more to the table than others do. Natasha is from Australia and she got the acting bug at age seven when she saw the Quentin Tarantino’s film Kill Bill. We can certainly understand why a young girl would be enthralled with that movie. It not only had everything that makes a film interesting, from sharp dialogue and super graphic action scenes, but it also had great acting by incredible women like Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu, among others.

After seeing that flick and scores of others, Natasha jumped into acting in Community theatre and then successfully auditioned at Australia’s leading performing arts high school: Newtown High school of the Performing arts. She immersed herself in theatre roles and built up quite a resumé of leading roles. She seamlessly transitioned from stage to film and TV and was cast in the Australian TV series My Great Big Adventure and Puberty Blues.All of this acting show business life catapulted her (literally) to the other side of the world into the heart of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles, California. This was at the tender age of 18, by the way. She loves L.A. and she told us that, “I always knew I wanted to move there, I had that calling very early on in life and I’m very stubborn. I love LA because it’s filled to the brim with creatives, it’s the most incredible energy to be around full time.”

Natasha’s drive and her endless supply of natural energy pushed her to start working almost immediately upon her arrival. She participated in TV series such as, Sleep Tight, Miss Beverly Hills Ghost, Jax + James, 10% Remaining and A Purgatory Story. She also wrapped two films that were shot (very carefully) during the pandemic: The Hole and Beauty Queen.Natasha had the lead role in each film and Beauty Queen was written by her. She was also the executive producer on both projects. She said later that “I’m totally fascinated by every aspect of movie making, it was only a matter of time before I had to be involved on the other side of the camera.” Spoken like a true filmmaker. Natasha is ever busy and she has several more projects lined up to go into pre-production.

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