I’ve decided to move to Sweden – and I don’t want to be talked out of it – I’ve already made up my mind. Why am I making such a life-changing decision, you might ask? The reason is very simple: Sweden has some of the most beautiful and extremely talented actresses in the world. Is that too difficult to understand?


I happened to see the video Déjà vu by Giorgio Moroder featuring Sia the other day and was struck by the beauty of a woman in it. I did a little searching and found out that she was Fanny Rosen, the talented actress from Sweden and then realized that I had seen her before. I remembered that I caught her at The Lab Theatre Company in plays I had seen over the last three years. The Lab Theatre Company is the professional theatre company affiliated with Stella Adler. I saw Fanny perform in two of the many plays that the company produced: Schism,and Isaac Babel and the Black Sea, both written by award-winning playwright Timothy McNeil.

I also got to see an early copy of the soon to be released feature film, Bunnyman: Suffer The Children, which is still in post-production. Her acting skills made her stand out from the herd on that very entertaining and scary horror movie. She was recently in the short film Playing With Fire, directed by two-time Emmy nominee Eduardo Whaite.

Fanny and Eduardo are currently working together on another short film in pre-production that Fanny will star in.

Fanny, successful actress that she is, has been working with the AOF festival doing their “reading series” for their annual award show for three years straight. AOF is the International Film Festival and Writers’ Celebration, Action On Film. So, apparently the Swedish actresses are not only fantastically beautiful, but they are exceptionally gifted as thespians also. And many of them are moving to Los Angeles to work in the movie industry – as I just now found out that Fanny has done. Well, I guess I won’t be moving to Sweden any time soon. It looks like I can just sit back and meet all the great Swedish actresses right here in Hollywood.

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