The Multi-Talents of World Class Artist and Musician Sashank Venkatesh

Sashank Venkatesh, aka Noxigen, is a musician that might leave you breathless. His voice and songs are more than simply beautiful, they are from another planet in another solar system and possibly from a distant universe whose grandeur and elegance we can only imagine. Once we hear his unbelievably wonderful and pure sounding voice we will immediately want to go to that far off universe or possibly just buy his music and listen to it all day, every day. But then we would get nothing done in our universe. Maybe that’s what real art is supposed to do and what Sashank’s art actually does, which is to satisfy one completely and take their mind away from any harshness or commonality to enjoy and immerse one’s self in the sublime.
Sashank’s artistry is so strong that it pulled us away from telling the full story of this extremely gifted and talented musician. Besides being a musician, he is also a highly experienced and acclaimed music producer and audio engineer currently living in Los Angeles. He is originally from India, but grew up in the Middle East and then moved back to India to attend high school. He has been studying music since he was 6 or 7, but he only came to the realization that he wanted to make it his life and his life’s career when he was in high school.
Sashank’s musical taste and listening skills were definitely shaped by growing up listening to a great deal of Indian film scores and classical Indian music. Then he discovered rock/pop music and that changed everything. Around the age of 13-15 his listening and music tastes began to include video game music, which, in hindsight was just an influence that needed to be unlocked. Music school added a lot of Blues, Jazz and R&B influence and he now sees that his listening habits and musical influences are quite erratic, which is a good thing.
Somewhere, as a music school student, Sashank found a love for all things that were mixing/mastering/production related, whether it was the studio or live, and that began a (part-time) journey to become an audio engineer. It has proven to be an invaluable tool as it gave him an added advantage in almost any situation. If he was working as a recording/mixing engineer, he could provide intimate understanding of someone’s musical needs and as a musician he could easily explain and help the audio engineers to get the best out of both of everyone involved. He is continuously adding to his skill set and learning newer and more efficient ways to do things. He considers himself to be an eternal student; there will always be another thing to discover.

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