Tom Ainsley, A Man Of Many Talents

Tom Ainsley, the British actor, is a person who has all the talent, looks, work ethic and level-headed normalcy that one would hope to find in a film actor. Oh, we left out humble. Anyway, Mr. Ainsley seems to take everything in stride, and when asked what actors he would like to work with he never mentioned a famous movie star’s name even once. He simply told us that he wanted to work with his friends. Having said that he has had some of the most positive experiences of his life while working on the projects he has done – he says that sharing those moments with the people he had trained alongside of and who have since become his closest friends would be the dream scenario.

We found that kind of simple and unvarnished humility to be extremely refreshing. We also saw it as a sign of true maturity, sensitivity to others’ feelings and just plain honorable. And yes, besides all of these incredible qualities that make him a man’s man – he is a real and serious actor. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t have had the success that he has done – from signing with one of the biggest London agencies whilst still in drama school to his work on the award winning West End play production of Ghosts. Television grabbed him quick enough too, with Tom appearing as Nick Roane in E! Entertainment’s first scripted drama The Royals. He had that role for two seasons before he went over to Canal+/Ovation’s production of Versailles and then onto Sky’s Timeless, acting alongside Cara Delevigne.

Feature-length motion pictures followed soon enough. He played the part of a U.S. Marine in Jarhead: The Siege and the lead in the film Serpent, which, amongst numerous great reviews, won the Best Picture Award at the L.A. Film Festival’s Nightfall section and Best Picture again at the Durban International Film Festival. He spent last summer in Krakow, Poland filming Safe Inside in which he plays another lead role. The film is currently slated for a 2020 release having worked its way around the film festival circuit including its official premiere at the San Diego International Film Festival.

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