Wine Pon It By Marley Waters

Originally from the streets of Dorchester, Boston, Marley Waters has been showcasing his skill set as a DJ, producer and a songwriter for a while now, helping many artists craft songs such as Tinashe’s Platinum Single ‘2 on’, Christina Milian, and Ellie Goulding, just to name a few.

‘Wine Pon It’ is the quintessential version of himself. With the new island-infused jam. Marley Waters is ready to make another chart-topping hit for the summer.

Marley Waters

What ‘Wine Pon It’ means to Marley Waters? “‘Wine Pon It’ is when bad mon and bad gyal body link up and stroke to the melody. Sexual frequencies translated through the riddim. To perform you must gyrate and twist your hips, core, and chest in a winding motion. The wine is a Caribbean culture dance I resonated with in Boston where I grew up. The ‘Bashment’ is where we went to ‘Wine All Night’’.

Nu Kingdom Records

Stay tuned to find out the celebs Marley has recruited from all over the world as surprise collaborators to deliver several remixes that will only enhance his luscious debut single. “All of these girls in the place, you the one I want. Grip my arm we can skate. Rollin up the clouds.. We get lost in a wave.

Be ready to ride the wave as you hear this on the radio and clubs WORLDWIDE!.



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