Canadian Actor Leonard Waldner Is Beginning To Make His Mark On The US TV/Film Market

Growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, like many Canadians, Leonard Waldner left the farm at 18 years of age to work the oilfields of Northern Alberta. After several years of long and grueling wok, Leonard decided to pursue a career and personal dream of acting.

Appearing in many Canadian commercials and productions, Leonard achieved early success appearing alongside Kevin Pollack in Seven Times Luckyand Kirstie Alley in the TV Movie While I was Gone. Leonard has gone on to much success, including a long-running Time Warnercommercial where he pays homage to his Canadian roots Where he plays a hockey referee.

Leonard Waldner is an actor and producer most known forDisconnectedstarring C.Thomas Howell,The Investigation of a Time Traveler, and Something About Her. As his career continues to blossom, expect many exciting things from Leonard in the coming months.

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