Creating something from nothing? Can you do that? Not many people can. Junyi Zhang can. She can sit in front of a blank piece of paper and within minutes it will come alive with some wonderful drawing of a stylized human being with large expressive eyes and a personality that sets him or her apart from all other hitherto imagined characters. Junyi Zhang is one of those most interesting people who is driven by her sense and urge to create. She is an artist of the first degree whose mind is always working and conjuring up some new way to express the human condition in the form of entertaining animation. 

Her colorful characters and backgrounds always hit the mark – of excellence. They are compelling on their own terms in that they pull you in whether you are an animation fan or not. She does all types of animation from Background Design and Concepts, to Character Creation and all levels of Graphic Design. Currently she works for Dreameast Pictures and she is responsible for Development of Project Design. What does that mean? It means that she marshals all of her forces and skills as a designer and artist, and designs, creates and paints backgrounds and is a concept artist for Valt the Wonder Deer, Dreameast’s hit animated show that is presently airing in China. She worked on Season 2, which is in post-production and Season 3, which is in production. She has developed and designed over 60 backgrounds for this very popular show.

Junyi Zhang has worked in pretty much every animation position that exists. She has created animation from Blocking to Finishing and has been responsible for creating lights for different styles of commercial animation. She has been given responsibility for animating, lighting, rendering and composting scenes. She has mastered all animation software such as: Maya, Photoshop, Mental Ray, V-Ray, Nuke, After Effects, Zbrush, Illustrator, dDo, nDo2, Mudbox, Premiere, Dreamweaver, InDesign and Flash.

Her Art Skills are immense and some of them are as follows: Animating, Lighting, Texturing, Modeling, Compositing, Character Design, Concept Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design. She is also fluent in Chinese and English. 

Junyi Zhang’s education: SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), MFA in Animation, SCAD Honors Grad Scholarship; 

BFA in 2D Animation at China Academy of Art, Hang Zhou, China.

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