LaToya Jackson: A classy personal stylist

If you’re the social media type or one that follows fashion and stylish trends, then you must have heard about LaToya Jackson severally. Being a personal stylist with a passion for interpreting the essence of different human personalities, she has carved a niche for herself in the style advisory industry.

It may surprise you to know that the late Michael Jackson is LaToya’s cousin. Suffice it to be that LaToya’s mother is the Jackson Five’s first cousin. The fashion diva was born on July 14th in Gary, Indiana, and grew with an eye for fashion and modeling. LaToya is the only daughter of her mother, Marie, and split her time as a mother and wife to her beautiful family.

When you think about fashion, modeling and having a stylist that meets your need, LaToya Jackson stands out with her unique sense of manifesting her clients’ essence. LaToya is a woman that feels like a Diva most times, but deep down into her heart, she feels like a tomboy with a passion for loving and creating a sustainable environment for everyone.

LaToya is a stylist that understands the need to extend the services of personal stylists to virtually everyone, and not just the wealthy and famous. She hones her focus on creating a long lasting trust and business relationship with all other clients while giving them a customized style advice. LaToya runs a studio by name Laja’s Salon Studio Boutique that offers exclusive VIP treatment by private appointment and unique events. With a wealth of experience she has garnered while serving her clients across the world, she provides one on one attention to all her clients. She runs an authorized and licensed brand in Phoenix/Scottsdale location.

LaToya Jackson is an entrepreneur that has a great passion for love, education, fashion and modeling and stands out in the fashion industry. Apparently, the Jacksons are not a new name to virtually everyone, and LaToya isn’t letting the name die soon in the fashion and styling industry.

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