23year Old Entrepreneur Blazes Trails for Women Everywhere

              Alina Lewis has grown her business organically while upholding high standards

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, FEBRUARY 7, 2017 Alina Lewis is  known around the world for her work, which spans  commissions in Europe and the United States. Throughout  her rise to success , Lewis has held high standards that are  inspiring young women all over the world.   Lewis was born in the Czech Republic, where she cultivated  a passion for business, art, and culture. She has worked in  journalism and studied  international business; Lewis is also  fluent in three languages. Through the course of her work,  Lewis has traveled across the world and worked with  photographers and personalities who helped to open the  door to a modeling career. During her travels all over the  world, Lewis launched an Italian silk scarf company.


Recently, Lewis released The Good Girl, The Better Girl, a  how to wear accessories  book inspired by her travels.   According to Lewis, it’s possible for women to grow  successful companies and careers without sacrificing  their image. “If you can remain confident and steer away  from showing racy images on social media, you can  become a powerful business figure,” said Lewis. “Image  is truly everything, and despite the pressure from social  media, using lewd language and posting racy pictures  won’t get you far – and it hurts your soul in the long run.”  Lewis is proud to be a role model for young women around  the world.
About Alina Lewis

Young entrepreneur Alina Lewis (23) is a designer, author, and model. Her mission is to inspire  young women to achieve success without sacrificing their image.

Alina Lewis
E-mail: hello@alinalewis.com
Website: www.alinalewis.com

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