Animal PRIDE, Yoga PRIDE and Self PRIDE

At PRIDE Yoga, we believe in everything that you are and everything that you know you can be. For a long time, we felt stuck with the fitness apparel that was available to us. We wanted something different; we wanted something more. Instead of just waiting around for something different (or something more) to come along, we decided to make it happen for ourselves, launching our own line of yoga clothing. Our brand is about three things: Animal PRIDE, Yoga PRIDE, and Self PRIDE. If you love nature, yoga, and yourself, then PRIDE Yoga is the brand for you.

While we have been slowly funding our launch with some custom orders, we know that we are ready to move forward with our line much more boldly than our funds would allow us to at the moment. We want to start offering leggings, shorts, tanks, t-shirts, and headbands immediately, but in order to do that, we need your help.

What We Need & What You Get  

We have come to you, Kickstarter, for help raising $25,000. These funds will go a long way toward cover our manufacturing, marketing, and distribution costs. We have already connected with two large online stores that are interested in carrying PRIDE Yoga products, and we will be talking to yoga, CrossFit, and fitness groups about providing our clothing at a discount to their members.

As a thank-you to you, our generous contributors, we are putting together a wide selection of our products chosen specifically for this campaign.

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