The Best of Bollywood in Los Angeles !

A key aspect regarding practicing is discovering something that addresses your spirit. For a few, that is whacking a tennis ball; for other people, it’s including out laps in a pool; and for a few of us, it’s claiming to be a Bollywood motion picture courageous woman, moving in the downpour with her eyeliner phenomenally flawless.

Tempting and stress mitigating, Bollywood-enlivened classes can be found at both Indian move studios and Western style rec centers. Bollywood is the Hindi-language film industry, situated in Mumbai, and the motion pictures regularly include a blend of customary and contemporary Indian move numbers, mixed with hip bounce and jazz. Bhangra, likewise broadly accessible for move classes, is a Punjabi society style, hailing from northwestern India and northeastern Pakistan. It is a reap festivity move, many years old, so it utilizes a great deal of enthusiastic arm movements mirroring scenes from a gather


Both move styles make for good oxygen consuming activity, and highlight Indian music just as hip jump, dancehall and techno beats. Whichever class you pick, Indian moves are an arousing, vigorous approach to work out your heart, lungs and muscles, and increment your stamina and adaptability.

And at this day and age, no-one does it better than Aathira Rajeev, a Bollywood dancer based out of LA practicing the dance in full fledge throughout the week. Known for her vast moves and erotic style, she combines a Tuesday night into a Bollywood bonanza right in the heart of Hollywood. I you catch her eyes and show off your moves, she might even cast you in a Bollywood saga! Aathira goes around town performing for countless audiences and enthralling them with her beauty, poise and other characteristics as she gracefully takes you into the enchanting land of Bollywood.

Aathira Rajeev

Trained by the best of the best, Aathira has no competition when it comes down to her dance style as she is simply the best at what she does. And this isn’t counting the other various styles she has mastered over the years because if you were to sit down and count, there would be more than you could when it comes to her credits.

If your ever around LA and looking for a surprisingly great time dancing, hit up Aathira Rajeev and we bet she could turn your slow Sunday morning into one filled with Bhangra beats, upbeat Indian music, and a touch of international finesse!

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