Born in Brazil, fashion designer and multimedia artist, Chris Barreto finds her essence in the interpretation of body paintings of the Brazilian- Indian tribes, connecting elements from the environment and her ideas of spirituality to reveal human beings as works of art.

1993 Chris founded the Chris Barreto Art Studio in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro and branched out to New York City in 1997, after international collaborations with the New York Guggenheim Museum or the American Museum of Natural History,  the studio started to expand from a fashion line to the creation of a variety of fine arts paintings as well as a line of Home Decor designs, including custom rug collections, pillows and exclusive prints for fabrics and wallpapers.

Chris Barreto
Chris Barreto

A mix of Pop Art, Graffiti and Brazilian indigenous sign language, Chris Barreto finds a way to draw you into a whole new world of colors and patterns, telling you of her Brazilian folk tales. All designs are hand manufactured in her native Brazil.

Kaftans, Scarfs and painted canvas.

The Chris Barreto art studio work has been featured in Magazines like Vogue or Sportswear International, on runways, on red carpets and concert stages, in collaborations with WOLFORD, Cirque Du Soleil, the Metropolitan Graphic Art Gallery and charity organizations throughout the world ,weaving a colorful, powerful, constant social net through affordable art.

2016, Chris Barreto started a collaboration with Austrian born Recording Artist and Composer Dalal.

Dalal Bruchmann
Dalal Bruchmann

“Chris’ designs are my happy clothes and everyone wants to be that- Dalal

Photographer: Charlie Steffens

Model: Dalal

Designs: Chris Barreto

Find out more about Chris’ unique designs at

You can also view and shop Chris’ creations at Calypso St. Barth, a high end boutique on Madison Avenue and Tribeca in NYC.

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