Colby Perry has definitely faced some challenges in 2021, but he is determined to make a comeback. He has signed a book deal with a Chicago-based publication company. The exact figures are not disclosed, but per contractual obligations, Colby Perry is to deliver 3 books within the next 5 years.

In his latest interview, he said, “Obviously I have faced some challenges in 2021. I had a really rough year, but I am determined to not let that define me. I think when people understand what exactly took place, they will be able to sympathize with me.”

According to Perry, while developing affordable housing in his community, he was repeatedly harassed and physically stalked. Perry says, “I purchased various properties that were undeveloped in the minority neighborhood in my hometown for my companies to develop affordable housing, empower people, and ultimately give back to my community. We were making progress, but after doing so, a woman, Joanne Jackson–Benoit, repeatedly caused problems. She began by physically attacking me, was arrested, then continued to threaten and harass me for an extended period of time. I consider Mrs. Jackson–Benoit to be a truly deranged individual as she has a history of messing with various people in the community. Police records indicate that she has tried to fight minor children. She is absolutely a serial provocateur. She would stalk me, make threats, and pull loaded weapons on me. In a sworn, notarized affidavit, she allegedly offered another individual sexual favors in exchange for them physically harming me. Remarkably, in one of her sworn responses to the courts, she alleged that she was under investigation by the Department of Children and Family Services for feeding her child dog food. I highly suspect she is the culprit behind a decapitated voodoo doll being left in one of my mailboxes. Then my longtime friend, who is also her aunt, woke up one day to vulgar writing on her door written in a blood-like substance. She even has problems with churches. She is not right! I feared for my own life, and I absolutely had to implement various security measures that were costly just to visit the properties. I sought relief from law enforcement and the courts with multiple eyewitnesses and documented evidence to corroborate my claims; however, nothing worked. She absolutely succeeded at impacting my mental health that was already fragile.”

Perry added, “My family was going through an already rough time, then we suddenly found my aunt dead in her home. My uncle would later die of what we expect will be ruled as a homicide within hours of being released from a rehabilitation center. The stalking and harassment did not help the situation. It ultimately devastatingly affected a friendship that I had with someone.”

Perry is now working hard to document his experiences. He works daily with a team of skilled professionals and is writing and developing books. “I have an amazing team of people that I work with daily.”

And, his books definitely capture key moments in his life. Perry says, “It’s so personal for me because my memoir covers everything from extraordinary experiences that I have had to very painful experiences, including some sexual assaults that have happened to me throughout my life. I talk about relationships that I have had with some pretty amazing people around the world. There are so many interesting angles to my memoir.”

As far as when his memoir will be released, Perry says, “I anticipate it will be ready for release next year, 2023.”

In the meantime, Colby Perry will first debut a children’s book titled, Ella the Pelican, named after his beloved niece and about a pelican, Louisiana’s state bird, that learns the value of friendship. Ella the Pelican is set to debut in late spring 2022 during a humanitarian trip throughout the continent of Africa.

“I am on a journey. I am also really at one of the best places in my life right now. I have plans to spend nearly an entire month in Japan, meditating, gaining enlightenment, and practicing a zen lifestyle. After that, I will head to Africa to tour the continent, study various cultures, and teach children English in remote villages in countries, like Ghana. Then, some of my beautiful friends and I are going to rendezvous in Botswana to spend a holiday in the country.”

As far as his third book, Colby says,
“I really do not know what my third book will be right now, but in my office, there are halfway written manuscripts for books that I have written throughout the years. Now, I have a team of writers to help me write. I love it! They are extremely intelligent. They motivate me. We have been working so hard on the manuscript for my memoir, and I absolutely love the first few chapters that we have produced together.”

As far as what Perry hopes to gain from writing the books, he says, “I just think that people will be able to understand me so much more from reading about me in my memoir. And, I also think that my story can be powerful and inspirational for someone else. My lifecoach alone encouraged me to write the memoir, which is not all about being sexually assaulted, but there is an aspect to it. I talk about overcoming it, and I want to empower others because many males do not talk about their experiences with sexual assault. I am also determined to use portions of the proceeds from this latest venture to support charities and nonprofits that I am passionate about to continue empowering others.”

And lastly he said about his memoir, “It will obviously be very revealing, but in the end, I just want it to be a really beautiful and inspirational book; therefore, a lot of effort is going into writing it.

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