Handsome, versatile and talented model Michael Hanke

Modelling is the dream of almost all young boys and girls all around the world, however dreaming is not enough at all to be a super model. In order to be a model, there are certain characteristics that must be available in the person who wants to enter the career of modelling such as weight, height and beauty. Yet, do not ever think that this path is easy or free of obstacles. Michael Hanke is a well-known model who have all these qualities along with attraction, talent and skills.

This young and handsome UK born model is on the road to global recognition. His recent projects has won fame, respect, attentions and praise of fans and critics. His recent project “Flying Solo” is proving to be the key to the next level.

Michael Hanke has done his job exceptionally well in this projects. There is a kind of spell that takes over the viewer. Background track ‘I Lost My Mind’ adds flavor and color. Director and videographer Ayvin Arthur has done it like a true professional. And Michael Hanke has proved he got all the guts to be a super model. Charms, grace and modellings skills are on it’s peak in this project.

Not only in this project, you can find commitment to work at its highest level. He is bold enough to get into any getup From his natural young look to grey haired old look, he is amazing. If you will go through his career so far, you can find versatility on its peak. He is not those kind of guys who would label themselves for some particular kind of modelling ventures. He literally goes for everything that comes to him. And that’s the true professionalism, never afraid of anything at all.

His Instagram contains most of his modelling pics. So if you are looking for his portfolio you should checkout his Instagram.

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