Nader Nadernejad: Canada’s Youngest Media Proprietor and Internet Personality

Toronto, ON – Nader Nadernejad is making a name for himself in media proprietorship after launching his organization, Nadernejad Media out of the CF Toronto Eaton Centre.

While creating media content, promoting films and working for a nanotechnology company based in Florida, he is acquiring news and publishing websites and flipping them for a valuable profit on a monthly basis.

“Some sites I decide to keep, and other ones I sell for a high return,” says Nadernejad.

Nadernejad hopes to continue making revenue as he travels the world to live out his dream of being a performer.

“I can manage my business remotely because I have people helping me from all around the world,” says Nadernejad.

Nadernejad has built relationships with other media proprietors and is considered by many to be Canada’s upcoming media mogul.

Nadernejad and his success isn’t simply based on strategy, but can be attributed to his social intelligence and likability.

He is friends with news broadcasters and is a key media strategist for a variety of international businesses.

“I am always transparent about what I do, but it’s always good to keep a few surprises up your sleeve,” says Nadernejad when asked about his business affiliations.

“I want to congratulate Nader on his work. He has an amazing future ahead of him,” says Emmy and Murrow award winning TV Reporter, Anchor and Producer, Annette Lawless.

Lawless helped Nadernejad run a campaign against the U.S. College Board to allow a 9-year-old math prodigy to take the SATs at an international centre in Trinidad and Tobago.

Nadernejad undoubtedly has many priceless contacts in media and business sectors across the globe.

Many people are wondering how Nadernejad got started in the media business without a significant capital investment.

“Only when you invest time and passion can you experience over 300% growth,” says Nadernejad.
If you’d like to read more about Nadernejad and his adventures, you can visit his media site at

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