The Nu TV Network app

This Fall drama and comedy fans must get the new Nu TV Network app that will be available on all devices and phones Labor Day Weekend! Yes the network will still be available on Apple TV and Roku Tv channels “The Nu TV Network” aka The Nu but with the brand new app they will be premiering several “Nu Exclusive” prime time series in its new fall lineup. The Nu has award winning series, festival winners, and also top web based series that have been adapted for HD television.


Fan favorites are often the hit action series like “Here’s 2 The Throne,” “The Professional Chiller”, and new additions “The Terms” and “Torture” that air every #DoOrDieFriday but people really love their great award winning comedies like “DC Yuppies” and the new dramatic comedy “The Put Down.” Plus the live action comedy “Vigilant.” All are Nu Exclusives that air on #WeGotJokesMondays. Nightlife series kills audiences with heart felt drama and everyone’s favorite drama the “Oldhead Web Series” makes its network premiere this season.


All of SGD’s top stars are returning including Njie Sabik. The Nu TV Network instagram is a great place to see all of their top series and clips of each show. Throw in Undead zombie horror shows like “Undead Silence” on SaturdayScreams and extreme Professional wrestling from “Rock Star Pro Wrestling” this will be your new favorite station.


Get the app and Their instagram is nutvnetwork_ their website is The Nu TV Network app will be released Labor Day Weekend! You should like it!

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