Review of Block

On the surface, Block is a film about a therapy session filled with real-world issues that you find in any given support group setting, and a cast of characters angst-ing out in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest fashion. But as you delve into it, you find that there is more than just a rage-fest going on. You are taken out of the therapy session and into an insightful, voyeuristic journey belonging to one of the patients, a writer named Adam, played wonderfully by British actor Max Turner.

While on the writer’s journey, we live his hopes, disappointments, quirkiness, and the banality of everyday life. He’s a scriptwriter desperate to meet threatening demands, and seeks inspiration by heading out onto the streets, but gets way more than he bargains for when he ends up in a pub around the corner.


This is where he encounters an impish acquaintance and drug dealer, played with ultimate smarm and charm by Cesar Brandi. Let’s just say the scene mushrooms into a wild night that leads to another block and some realizations in the therapy group.

Brandi shines in the film, actually playing three roles, and when you see the movie, you’ll know why he plays three. Overshadowing the protagonist, his acting leaves you wanting even more screen time for him, as his on-screen presence instantly engages you. His rapport with the lead is natural, and he evokes sympathy from the viewer—always a win-win. You want to follow a character to some sort of resolution, and his extraordinary skill helps the story unfold the way it should. In all moments Brandi is on the screen, you see that wide range of emotion he’s known for.

The events unfold quickly and easily in the film. Nothing seems forced or contrived. This is an interesting twist on what could have been a tired cliché. Definitely worth a watch!

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