Urban After 30 A Real Inspiration

Urban After 30 is a blog about urban dance and life lessons along the way from the point of view of an older woman who broke barriers and started dancing well past the cutoff age for professional dancers.
The creator, Anouschka Pearlman, started taking classes in her 40s at Flying Steps Dance Academy in Berlin, Germany. Urban dance soon became her passion and she has since become an inspiration for dancers everywhere. She has been honored by celebrity dancers like Diana Matos and Shaun Evaristo at Dance Camps and workshops.

The Urban After 30 blog covers personal stories and struggles related to dance, as well as general lessons in life. It is a blog is for anyone, whether you are a dancer or simply someone who needs a little encouragement to start your dream.

People are invited to submit questions, ask for encouragement or advice.

Anouschka believes that everyone of all ages should dance and find their flow. The reward is joy, kindness, fitness, mental acuity. She also believes that the performing arts have dangerously narrow margins since they are so youth-fixated and that true art reflecting the human condition and emotional spectrum should be cross generational.https://urbanafter30.com/

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