Ways To Save Money When Buying Flowers For Your Special Someone


Fresh flowers are always the ideal gift whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries or Birthdays. However, during peak seasons like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, flowers can be so expensive. If you want to avoid the pricey fresh flowers during these seasons, here are some tips for you to take note of:

Combine A Variety Of Flowers In One Bouquet

Fresh flowers do not last forever, which is why it is costly during peak seasons. Bouquet arrangement of individual flowers can also cost a lot. When you can’t decide which kind of flower to give your special someone, it is best and way cheaper if you consider a combination of different types of flowers rather than choosing one particular type.

Red roses are one of the most bought flowers in the market, but there are also different kinds of roses to choose from, which are cheaper and can also add beauty to any flower arrangement. Adding carnations or even daisies to a bunch of roses will also cost less than buying a dozen red roses.

Look For Daily Deals From Floral Services

Even though the flowers are in demand during peak seasons and occasions, some floral services still offer daily deals before the big day. Sites like https://www.gopromocodes.com/stores/proflowers give their customers deals and discounts by as much as 50%, which is not that bad of a deal if you think about it. Before purchasing these coupons or availing promo codes, make sure that you read all the terms and conditions so you will understand the coverage of the deals.

Buy From Your Local Florist

If you plan to avail of floral delivery services, you might want to consider visiting your local florist first. Buying from your local florist will give you significant savings as many of them remove additional delivery charges, especially when they get to deliver the flowers within the neighborhood. Ordering online would cost more because most online flower shops have middlemen who take charge of the delivery and other services, which takes a cut of the purchase price.

Visiting the shop will also allow you to look directly at the flowers that they are offering, and you will have an idea of what you like to buy. You can also give specific instructions to the florist on how you want your flowers to be arranged and the design of the bouquet that you think your special someone will like. You should also read reviews of the shop online so you will have an idea which local florist is the best around the area.

Skip The Add-ons And Don’t Choose The Ones In Special Individual Boxes

During peak seasons, many online florist shops would offer specially packed flowers in boxes that are usually marked up. Aside from that, they may also provide add-ons like chocolates and stuffed toys, which are said to be at a discounted price. You might be tempted to buy these, especially if you don’t have any idea what to buy, but know that this will cost you more.

Try To Shop At Your Nearest Supermarkets

As the saying goes, “It is the thought that counts.” Buying flowers from the supermarket may not be the fanciest choice, but it can be the most practical one. Supermarket flowers are cheaper compared to those that are in the florists because supermarkets have limited kinds. The flowers are also not that maintained that is why they die easily as compared to the flowers in a flower shop.

Flowers taken care of by a florist can live longer and they also offer a wide range of different flowers. If you buy from the supermarket, you won’t get a florist to arrange the flowers for you. Still, it will allow you to be creative with your design, and organizing the flowers yourself will make your special someone appreciate it more because of the additional effort you placed in your gift.

Don’t Shop On The Day Of The Occasion

If you’re going to buy flowers for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, you might want to consider buying flowers the day before or after. Most people would be buying the flowers on the day itself so you would also have to fight through the crowds to get a proper bouquet. Aside from that, many florists have higher delivery and service charges during the day of occasions, which is why it is best to ask for an arrangement or delivery a day before to cut back on some possibly higher costs.

Deliver The Flowers Yourself

Surprising someone with flowers in their home or their work can be heart-melting, but imagine how your special someone would feel if you deliver the flowers yourself. Delivery services are known to be expensive. If you are living nearby or just around the neighborhood, you can save a lot if you choose to pick up your arrangement and give it to your special someone directly. Undoubtedly, your presence with the flowers will make the gift more special.


Buying flowers for your special someone does not have to be expensive. These simple tips will help you save money while melting the heart of someone you care about. With a little bit of negotiating skills and creativity, you can give a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your significant other any day of the year.


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