The biggest underground Goth shock rocker DEMI DAHMER has possibly just called out the heavy metal band MOTIONLESS IN WHITE by stating their logo and sound is basically a huge copycat and could possibly be a copyright. Why MARILYN MANSON has not said anything about this we don’t know. Demi Dahmer has Basically, said in an interview. “Some people think they’re ripping off Manson” on a recent blog Demi Dahmer was asked what he thinks of Motionless in white and this is his response from the recent interview.

“I can’t really say much for legal reasons. I can say I really don’t like their music that much. They seem to be trying way to hard. also, I don’t like the way they treated my wife during a meet and greet. I do think their logo, at a quick glance makes you mistake it for Marilyn Manson. And to me, that is a big F-ing no no. Don’t get me wrong a lot of bands are influenced by Marilyn Manson and a lot of bands look like marilyn manson. Way before marilyn manson even F-ing existed. I do have people come up and ask me what I think of them alot people ask me if I think they suck. I can’t really say that. I honestly don’t think they suck but I do think they should change up the logo a bit more.”
Motionless in White’s logo does a lot like Marilyn Manson’s logo at a quick glance second,vacation do you think?

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