Is Joseph Bonner the new Oprah ?

Joseph Bonner, host of the Joseph Bonner Show, has been inspiring us for the past year, helping us cope with the everyday battles associated with living in today’s world.

As Joseph Bonner takes steps to move his hit iHeart Radio show to TV, one can’t help but appreciate the implications of what this will bring the international community.

Originally from San Diego, CA, Joseph has used his show to promote positivity and authentic conversations behind real concerns of everyday people. From sexual abuse, domestic violence and coping with severe financial reversals.

According to sources, Joseph Bonner has been receiving correspondence from people all over the world who are placing him in the same category as Oprah. How does Joseph feel about this?

Joseph Bonner took to the airs recently to express gratitude to all of his listeners but encouraged them never place him or anyone else on a pedestal. According to multiple sources, this was said to promote a balanced view of others and encourage a high level of self-esteem in his listeners.

So, will Joseph be the next Oprah? Only time will tell, but the Joseph Bonner Show will be coming to iCast TV in May of 2017 and we have a feeling that this could be the start of something truly historic.

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