We discovered and present you the best English School in Ispica, Sicily!

Daniela Milana, a young entrepreneur from Sicily that created the best English school of Ispica full of innovative ideas and activites. Daniela believed that the power of speaking English is a great tool for the future of the kids, but she doesn’t stop only there! Happy English 4 kids teaches kids English through innovative ideas and ways.  Kids from 12 months old until 3 years old can join the school but also kids of older ages can benefit from the English activities the school offers every afternoon!

Daniela believed that bilingualism is a great asset to any person. Here are some of the key advantages that speaking more than your native language provides:

  1. It improves your brain function
  2. It improves your social skills
  3. It widens your social circle
  4. It could help resist mental illnesses
  5. It increases your job prospects
  6. It gives you access to another culture
  7. It makes moving to another country easier

Daniela hired specialists that offer high quality work and ideas to grow bilingual. Soon many families supported her cause and action and helped grow in the city. Daniela’s passion for education doesn’t stop at the language. This year entered the school, the famous vocal coach Amalia Moerman Pavlidi. Kids will have the opportunity to learn Singing and Music from one of the most famous to us vocal coach and gain Diplomas at the end of their studies! Music, Singing, Drama, are some of the activities the kids will enjoy and of course all in the English language.

We are so surprised that a single woman created such an amazing English community in Ispica and grows so fast! Not only she offers to kids the opportunity for a great education but equips them with the strongest tools! Art and Languages.

Daniela Milana, we wish you all the best for your amazing students and kids of this community! We will follow your actions and we hope soon to see you expanding!


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