Human beings have always been obsessed with their bodies since the beginning of time, dressing and ornamenting them in an array of styles. In today’s image conscious world, it is important to be well dressed to make and leave an impression.

Let’s look at the various body types

The different body types of shapes are classified based on the measurements of the bust, waist, and hips and their proportion to each other. There are mainly four body types, though they can be classified further based on a number of criteria.

For ease of understanding, these body types are explained using a geometric shape, a fruit shape or even an alphabet.

1) The apple or inverted triangle resembles a “T” and is characterized by broad shoulders, big bust and narrow hips. It is a top-heavy shape.

2) The spoon or pear shape or bell shaped looks like the alphabet “A” or an upright triangle. The hip is bigger than the bust. The waist is well defined. This is a bottom-heavy shape.

3) The hourglass figure is like two triangles facing each other. The hip and bust are of equal size, with a narrow waist that is about 10inches smaller than the bust or hips. it is the perfect figure, curvy and evenly proportioned.

4) The straight or rectangular type also referred to as banana type has a waist that is less than 9inches smaller than the bust or hips. Thus the waist is not well defined.

Dressing according to the body type

Now we come to the crucial part of this article. Needless to say, the first step to dressing well and looking good is to identify your body type and shape, so you can buy clothes accordingly. The aim is to accentuate your assets and draw attention away from your not-so-well proportioned areas. This can be done by using appropriate silhouettes; fabrics with the right fall, drape, and hand feel. The colors, designs and prints of the fabric are also important. Below you will get ideas about perfect dress for body type

Here are some tips on what kind of dresses will suit which body type:

Apple or inverted triangle people should choose dresses that add curves to the lower body and create a well defined waist. Your clothes should be loose at the waist and fit snugly elsewhere, maybe at the thin arms or the shapely ankles. Avoid high rise pants and belts since they focus on the ample mid section. Slim fit skirts, striped bottoms, V-neck and scoop necklines help achieve the right effect. You can use light colors for bottoms and dark colors for the tops. A well- fitted, right-sized and supportive bra is crucial for the top heavy silhouette. Do not use necklaces; instead add a few chunky bangles.

Spoon or pear shape type people should emphasize the upper well toned torso. Wear dresses with belts to emphasize the waistline. Use slightly flared pants, boot-cut pants and A-line skirts. The top should have horizontal lines of graphic prints/details to attract attention. Use a lighter color for the top and darker for the bottom, for the same reason. Further, you may add a necklace or a scarf. It makes sense to invest in a good push-up bra to accent the bust.

Hourglass figure is well endowed and well proportioned. When adding volume, do so evenly in the upper and lower parts. Pencil skirts and fitted tees are a must for their wardrobe. You can play around with different dress and skirt lengths to show-off your shapely legs.

People with a straight or rectangular body type should emphasize curves by wearing fitted clothes to avoid the danger of looking boyish. Use a lot of ruffles and frills to add volume in the right areas. Wear dresses with belts to create an illusion of a waistline. Go for flared pants to add shape to the legs. Here you should avoid using same color fabric in top and bottom as it would lead to a more-straight effect. Instead ensure you use two different colors, and preferably one should have a design or print on it.

It is important to remember that even though we should dress up according to our body shape and type, comfort is the keyword. If our clothes are not comfortable then we cannot carry them off with poise and elegance. Dressing based on the body type is the buzzword and a number of websites are now offering customized services and playing the part of online fashion stylists.

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