IF? Moments

Entrepreneur Ekow Armah is a firm believer in serendipity or if you prefer,  happy accidents, so much so that he has set up a website, that looks to celebrate what he refers to as IF? Moments. The website is called IF? Lifestyles (www.iflifestyles.com).  ‘ it all centres around the word IF?- 2 letters with a powerful potential. What IF? we decided to go to that party alone? Get out of that relationship, re connect with that long lost friend? George Michael once said, if we turned a different corner, we may never have met….life is full of IF? moments. I guess what IF?lifestyles celebrates is a kind of  serendipity. Classic examples include, the scenario where we are running late for work/ a meeting, forced to take a different to usual train/ bus, you meet someone who then goes on to become your husband/ wife. If it wasn’t for running late that day, you may never have met your future spouse.  I mentioned this to a former colleague and this was her IF? Moment, and it is a true story!

A free newspaper was delivered to her house. She was about to throw it away when it fell on the floor. When she picked it up, it was literally opened up at the job section. She happened to be looking for work at that time,  spotted a job on the page, applied for it and as they say, the rest is history. There must be loads of these type of stories around. Human nature means that there will always be some really interesting stories to be told, some funny,  some sad. That is part of what If?Lifestyles is about.

Of course we celebrate If? with some very simple, eye catching and conversation starting accessories  and apparel so you can celebrate in style.  www.iflifestyles.com

Great news for all parents of young children. We have recently started a baby and toddler range, so if you ever wanted to present to the world you and mini you, here’s a great opportunity. Who needs an excuse to treat yourself? We have some great tote bags that are sure to grab your attention (and the attention of others too!). The T shirts in our range are unisex, so there is a great opportunity for mither, father and baby/ toddler to show off the IF? range

For those of you not so familiar with the IF? collection, we offer a discount in the form of code IF10 that you can redeem at the checkout for a 10% discount.

We have installed a gallery to share some of our stories- you can submit yours to info@iflifestyles.com, the best entries will receive one of our T shirts!

Ekow is always on the lookout for brand ambassadors and investors ( see below)-so if you would like to get involved you can contact him at info@iflifestyles.com either with your stories or to help spread the word as IF? applies to all people whatever they do in life!

A final word from Ekow: I really believe that IF? has a unique place in all of our lives. My vision is that we as a brand move from simply being online, to offline, showing the ( endless) range of clothing and accessories that can successfully carry the brand IF? To further make the point, an IF? Album, full of uplifting dance tracks, is currently in production- you never know, it might well create that special IF? moment for you too!

(C) Ekow Armah 2018


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