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Acamea Deadwiler continues to add to her list of creative accomplishments. After obtaining Top 100 contributor status for Yahoo.com, completing an acclaimed memoir and inking a publishing deal to write e-books on the work of artists such as Jay-Z, Kanye West and Eminem – Acamea has taken on her next venture, quotes.

“I created the Pick A Post quotes app as both an outlet of expression for myself and a way to reach, and hopefully help more people,” she said. “With all of us being so attached to our phones now days, the potential connections through an app are limitless. I just want to inspire someone, encourage them to keep going or motivate them to pursue a goal. Sometimes, reading just the right quote at just the right time will do that.”

Acamea writes and develops all of the quotes for the app herself. They can be shared as social media posts, emailed, or saved to a user’s camera roll. Acamea has also recently evolved Pick A Post to include an online shop where you can get the most popular quotes printed on shirts, mugs, iPhone cases and other items.

Creating Pick A Post is one of Acamea’s most proud moments yet, she says. “It’s something that’s all mine. I’ve always had a passion for writing, and inspiring. With Pick A Post I get to do both.”

You can download the Pick A Post app or shop the store at pickapostquotes.com.


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