3 Tips For Picking Dresses For Your Wedding Party

If you’re going to be getting married soon and need to start planning what you want everyone in your wedding party to wear, there are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind as you decide what kind of dresses you want all of your favorite women to wear.

To help you in putting all of your thoughts together and getting the final look that you’ve always imagined, here are three tips for picking dresses for your wedding party. 

Consider Everyone’s Figures

As you think about the style of dresses you want your wedding party to wear, one of the biggest considerations that you’ll want to keep in mind is how comfortable your family and friends will be with the cuts of the dresses you choose.

While the members of your wedding party who are young and slim might be fine with any cut of dress, those who might be older or have larger figures might be very hesitant about wearing certain cuts. With this in mind, you’ll want to choose a cut or style of dress that will be flattering to any figure, especially if you’re wanting all of your bridesmaids to wear the same dress. And for the dresses that your mother or grandmother will be wearing, make sure you consider what will make them comfortable, too, especially if your grandmother will be coming from an assisted living facility where she needs help getting dressed. 

Be Specific With Your Guidance

If you’re not wanting everyone in your wedding party to have identical dresses but you’d like for all of their looks to be similar and cohesive, then you’ll need to think about the specific guidance that you want everyone to follow as they find their own dresses. 

Some of the guidance that you’ll want to spell out for them should include things like what color they should be going with, what length you’d like them to choose, what materials they should look for or avoid, and what overall style you’d like for them to go with. 

Try Separates

While many wedding parties will wear more traditional dresses that are formal or semi-formal, you may want to consider going with separates rather than a dress. 

Especially if you’re wanting to get something for your wedding party that they’ll easily be able to integrate in with the rest of their wardrobe, going with separates might be the way to go. This could be even easier to execute if your wedding is a little more casual, as separates can often lean a bit more casual. 

If you’re about to start researching dresses to get for your wedding party, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you make this process easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved. 

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