3 Tips For Styling A Tiny Purse

If you want to get in on the tiny purse trend but aren’t sure how to actually use it with your wardrobe, you’ll be glad to know that there are all kinds of ways and reasons to style a tiny purse with almost any given outfit.

To help you see how you can incorporate this into your wardrobe, here are three tips for styling a tiny purse, be it a beautiful leather purse or a tiny designer bag. 

Use It As A Pop Of Color

If you’re someone who likes to have a pop of color in your outfits, you can easily use a tiny purse to help you accomplish this look. 

Use your tiny purse to be the single pop of color against the rest of your outfit or to help bring more attention to other pops of color that you have throughout your outfit. You can choose to match your tiny purse to your shoes or your jacket or to simply be the single thing you wear of that given color. Whatever you choose to do, if you get a tiny purse in a color that’s going to pop against most of the other colors that you wear, this can be a great styling choice. 

Make It An Extension Of Your Outfit

Going in the opposite direction of using your tiny purse as a pop of color to go against any given outfit that you’ve chosen to wear, you can also seek to make your tiny purse an extension of the outfit you’re wearing

This option for styling can be a great choice if you have a signature color that you frequently dress in and have a lot of other clothes that are that same color. Additionally, if you’re feeling a little bit nervous about trying a tiny purse, having it go a little more seamlessly with the rest of your ensemble might help you to ease yourself into this styling choice without drawing too much attention to the accessory. 

Choose Something Versatile For Your Wardrobe

If you know that you’re going to love using your tiny purse and want to have it available to use for all kinds of outfits that you put together, you’re going to want to choose a purse that’s going to be as versatile as possible. 

When choosing your tiny purse, think about the kinds of colors that you typically wear and make up your wardrobe. If you primarily wear softer colors, make sure you choose a tiny purse in a similar color so that you can use it for all kinds of looks that you put together. And if you usually wear darker, more subdued colors, going with a tiny purse of this category of colors will likely serve you better. 

If you need a little assistance in styling a tiny purse as part of your wardrobe, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how this can best be done. 

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