Bramvik: Revolution in Fashion- The Skirts that blow your mind – The Zirts!

Girls that live social lives usually find it extremely difficult to get clothes that they can wear more than once. After all, who would want to attend a get-together with friends wearing the same outfit over and over again? And what do you do when you are at work and all of a sudden, you get a text from your friend saying that all your friends are meeting for lunch afterward? You can’t go all the way back home, change clothes and then head to work, especially when you’re short on time.

But don’t worry because you won’t have to face that dilemma anymore! Bramvik is here to help!

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About Bramvik


Bramvik is a clothing startup that aims to offer affordable, durable and customizable clothing options to women. Yes, you read that right.

The business has a range of customizable skirts – called Zirts – that let you change the color, pattern, and length of the skirt within seconds so that you can look great all day without having to worry about how you will manage to attend an important class and a friend’s birthday in the same attire.

How It Works


Bramvik offers 2 Styles – Straight Skirts and A-Line Skirts. All sizes have skirts that come with different tiers. The base is a mini skirt that can be extended to a full skirt by attaching as many tiers to it as you want. You can also switch tiers between different bases! Let’s say you wore a blue base skirt with a flower-patterned tier one day, you can wear a red base skirt with the same tier the next day and achieve a completely different look!

Bramvik’ s Zirts are not only great for fashionistas who do not want to wear the same clothes repeatedly but are short on a budget, they are also great for moms that have young girls that do not want to wear the same, old, boring skirts every day. These skirts can be used as uniforms as well as casual attire, so you can pick your little girl up from school and head to a lunch party directly.

Aside from that, these Zirts are travel-friendly too. We know that when you go on a vacation, you don’t want to repeat clothes; after all, you don’t travel every other day or even month, so now you can easily travel light with Zirts. Just pack 3 or 4 bases along with different tiers and you’re good to go!

Here are the high-level features of Zirt.


Fun and Creative

mix and match different colors/patterns and share the tiers between family and friends.

High-end/Luxury fashion and style

The product is fit for a hectic day as well. It is super comfortable, and you can easily sit, walk, run, sleep while wearing it. It never irritates, itches or discomfort in any of the ways.

Luxurious and Elegant

Luxury is all about comfort, style and feeling good. Zirt comes with flaps to cover the zippers on both the front and backside of the zippers so they don’t touch the skin and it’s comfortable when seated for a long duration.

The cover will also hide the zipper so nobody can know that you are wearing a zip connected flaps.

Large functional pockets

While you are traveling you need to keep some important stuff with you. Like money, cellphone or small cosmetic items. The large pockets will cater to this concern so well. They are designed to fit most cellphone models.

Adjustable Waist

 Adjustable waistband (up to 2 inches for kids’ size and up to 3 inches for adult sizes)

Durable and high-quality zippers-

The zippers are created with high-end material. They are durable, flexible and lightweight.

Perfect for all tall and short girls

Tall or short heighted women/girls don’t need to compromise on the length… just simply add or remove a tier.

Versatility in your hands

It is perfect for a meeting or school session along with parties or casual events. One skirt for all your needs.

Travel light

Be it a cruise trip or road trip, just throw a few zirts into your baggage and you are all set for the trip. Hundreds of different looks for your social media pictures are with you.

Transform uniform into casual wear

Transform miniskirt – Above-knee – Over knee – Below Knee – Midi – Full-length skirt

Match the colors with your favorite team’s color or country flag.

Express yourself

Match the colors/patterns to match the event theme or social cause. You can be creative and super chic without spending much.


Bramvik cares about the environment and is committed to social responsibility, that’s why Zirts is crafted with 100% organic cotton fabric. The zippers’ extensions are created from recycled material. Moreover, the company uses biodegradable plastic bags for packaging, and we pay great attention to detail with every step we take.

Quality Over Quantity

Bramvik believes that quality should never be compromised, which is why the startup is committed to offering value for your money by providing good quality, durable skirts at affordable prices that last long even after daily wear. According to the founder of Bramvik, their ultimate goal is not to just earn profits; it is to achieve greater customer satisfaction. “At the end of the day, returning customers and good customer feedbacks are what really keeps us going”, she says.

The startup will be launching its full collection soon on the website: For more updates, you can visit their social media pages.

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