The Different Types of Patches and Styling Tips

Different types of patches and styling tips? That is what we will be talking about here. We want to educate you on the different types of available patches for your clothes, how to style them, and how they can complement your wardrobe.

A patch is a small piece of fabric with an adhesive back used as an embellishment for clothing, like a pocket protector or name tag. They come in many shapes and sizes- it’s best to find one that matches the desired look! Patches can jazz up any outfit by adding color or texture without committing to permanent alterations such as sewing or embroidery.

There are tons of great ways to wear patches! One way is just pinning.


Types of Patches

Bullion patches: Metal filaments like gold and silver give these patches weight, substance, and eye-catching appeal. These patches take a long time to make by hand, which makes them pricey. Good thing they’re worth it.

Name patches – Did you know that a dedicated name patch technology allows patches to have thousands of different names on them without paying for a new design on each one? The best part is that the base template is embroidered, so no matter what letter or word you need in your finished product, there’s always an available patch.

Printed patches: They’re sometimes called wearable photographs or detailed designs, but patches are simply a different type of printed design on a piece of fabric—the perfect option for budget-minded projects and when you want to show an illustration on a patch.

Leather patches: One of our most versatile patches, leather can be made to look both outdoorsy and supremely classy. One way to create this aesthetic is by choosing the right color for your outfit and ensuring that the colors of your clothes do not interfere with the coloring in a patch’s design. For example, you might consider purchasing a light-colored outfit. The company offers luxury leather, faux leather, and branded logos for customers looking for an affordable or vegan alternative.

Chenille patches: Chenille patches were once an old-school style, but they’re back in fashion these days. These fuzzy patches don’t have detail; they shine bold, colorful pieces with simplistic letterings or designs.

Woven patches: Due to the tightness of weaving, woven patches can create small words and letters in the same amount of space as embroidery. The trade-off of patch-style lettering is that it usually doesn’t have embroidery texture, but again, that typically works fine for small lettering.

Embroidered patches: Embroidered patches are a great way to show your brand, logo, or other design while also adding style and durability at a low price. There are hundreds of threads colors available to match any color scheme you’re looking for, and they can be as small or large as you need them to be. If you prefer fashion using embroidered patches, it can create depth and texture to designs, which can be quickly made, meaning they’re deadline-friendly.

PVC patches: Plastic patches are tough and durable, with a rubberized exterior that can easily handle dirt, water, paintballs, or whatever else is thrown its way. The texture and thickness of this fabric enable you to create a three-dimensional effect and a great tactile feel.


How to Style Patches

Hippy look: Of course, you can choose to apply patches just to your jacket or only on your jeans. But for an authentic hippy look, it is suggested to add them both! Once this is done, it’s important not to go too “over the top,” but make sure that the patches are recognizable and noticeable.

Punk look: Wear patched black jeans with a studded vest, leopard-print creepers, and a contrasting unnatural hair color to achieve a modern punk look. Finish off the look by finishing it with a black bandana and a leather wrap bracelet.

Metal look: If you want a classic, 80s metal head look, add lots of patches and studs to a denim vest which should be worn over either a band tee in white or jeans. Dress your outfit up with a belt and dog tag necklace.

Simplistic look: The easiest way to start incorporating this trend into your wardrobe is – take an old tee, find a motif you like, and apply it. Multiple patches on one arm make a powerful statement and are often coupled with a tattoo choker or belt for grunge vibes.

Military jacket -Arranging patches on an army jacket is one way to change up the look. Military clothing has always been one of the best types of clothing in history, but now you have the opportunity to personalize it by adding patches and more. To wear a patch, put it on your clothes. Pins and jewels are also great for making your patches stand out. Add a bold statement piece to create the perfect outfit.



When it comes to patches, there are many different styles and types. But the common thread is that they all provide a way to express yourself through your clothing. Whether you want just one patch or an entire wardrobe full of them, we hope this blog post has helped you find exactly what you’re looking for!


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