5 Best Ways to Store Bras (#3 Solves the Most Common Problem)

It matters how you store the little pieces of lingerie. The best ways to store bras might not be out there. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important to know how to store bras to keep the shape. Storing them is as crucial as washing them the right way. Both decide the durability of the bra. And its ability to support your breasts!

So here are some commonly asked questions. How to fold bras in a drawer? How to store large bras? How to care for bras? The answers to these questions and more are all discussed below.

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Best Ways to Store Bras

#1 Make room

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Let’s talk about space first. How are you now storing your bras? Is it inside a cramped little drawer or clothes bin? If yes, you’re not giving them the space they need.

When molded cups are a part of the collection, they require enough room. Only then do the cups keep from getting squashed. Also, this way you can expect the underwires to not bend or pop out either. Something that happens quite a lot in an over-populated drawer!

So make sure that there’s optimal breathing room for your molded cupped bras. Both standing and sleeping space! This means you should move the bras to a separate drawer. You can even try storing them in a large box or vintage suitcase.

What about bras with non-molded cups? What are the best ways to store bras with cups that aren’t molded? Either case, the underwires demand breathing room. In order to steer clear of getting crushed!

Like I said earlier, store them in a large box. And if you don’t have extra room for that box, try fitting it into a draw. But there are plenty of ways you can make the box look pretty. So it doesn’t look ugly out in the open. This habit even makes finding a particular bra from the lot easier and quicker.

Another effort you might have to make is parting with bras you don’t wear anymore. Only then can you make sufficient room for the bras you do wear. I’m certain there are many bras that no longer provide an optimal fit or support. So if that’s the case, let them go. You can donate bras too you know.

#2 Fold all sports bras you own

Don’t just toss your precious sports bra into that disorganized drawer. It’s your very own hard-working piece of lingerie. So show some respect, right? By folding or rolling it for storage.

#3 Line up or stack bras for storage

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How do you keep the cups from getting squashed? You’ll find the answer here.

Do you fold one bra cup into another? If yes, then don’t feel too guilty about it. Cause the majority of women does that. But this doesn’t mean it’s the right way to store your favorite minimizer bras. Or the molded and push-up versions!

Thick cups demand proper storage. And by proper, I mean keeping both the cups in their natural shape. Don’t invert them as it leads to the cups denting or creasing. The entire purpose of buying molded bras is to shape your breasts. So when the cups become creased or dented, your bust will look the same.

The best way to go about it is to line up or stack your bras behind each other. To make the task easier, unhook them from the back. But don’t forget that hooks are prone to get caught on light materials like lace. So my advice to you, keep the bands hooked. Just make sure the storage space is ample.

As for bras with non-molded cups, fold them in half. Once again, keep the hooks connected. Tuck the straps and band inside the bra cups before you fold it over. This way the straps and band don’t get pulled, caught or snagged.

#4 Buy a bra organizer if you can

If you wish to increase the lifespan of your precious sexy lingerie while also storing them correctly, here’s what to do. Consider getting one of the best bra organizers. No doubt it’s the perfect way to keep your padded or underwired collection well taken care of.

#5Create a hanger bra rack

Use closet hangers for this. Link them in a vertical-shaped chain on the inside of the closet door. Hang each bra on each hanger, facing forward. So every piece is visible plus it remains in shape.

Wrapping It Up

So now you know the best ways to store bras. You can resort to these methods if yours don’t seem to do any good.

The truth of the matter is that bras don’t come cheap. So the only way to save your bucks is by making sure they last for a long, long time. I hope this makes sense to you.

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