Best Extra Curricular Sports For Women

For you weekend warriors who enjoy staying fit as much as you enjoy fashion, here are some great extracurricular sports that will not take up too much of your free time, nor will you be disappointed by the great fashion accessories that go with these fun sports. Check out our top 5 extracurricular sports for all you ladies.

#1 Golf

Another recreational sport for the warmer climates. During the summer months in just about any state, you will find a beautiful opportunity to hit the greens with the girls and let loose on some balls. Golfing is the kind of activity that requires a basic understanding of the game, a cold beer, and the most adorable golf skirts on the planet. Check out to see some of the most desirable golf clothes for women.

#2 Tennis

Tennis is not only great for cardio, but it’s a great game to spend 1 on 1 time with a friend or another couple. Most courts are outdoors, so warm climate areas are more likely to have them spread throughout the city than colder climate states. Now I love the game, but the fashion is irresistible.

#3 Softball

Softball can be a lot of fun, and city/park leagues are pretty common. Shouldn’t be hard to locate a group playing I your area. There are city leagues and local meetups that coordinate games. Softball clothing isn’t as sexy as it is comfortable, but Under Armour has done a great job of giving us something fashionable to wear.

#4 Volleyball

Volleyball courts are not as accessible as a local Gym might be, but it might be worth looking into. If you live in a warm climate like Miami or Arizona there may be parks in the area that offer access to outdoor sand courts. Otherwise, indoor courts can be found in Gyms and city parks and recreational facilities like a YMCA. Volleyball shorts and tops might be some of the sexiest sporting attire out there.

#5 Cross Fit

Crossfit is not for everyone and definitely not for those with bad knees or backs. This is a demanding sport that requires you to be in some shape before getting into it. Crossfit fashion is made up of branded shirts and athletic shorts that easy to work out in and perfect for lounging around the house.

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