Summer colors in ethnic outfits

Summer colors in ethnic outfits

Summer is the best time to dress in casual bright colors that will make you shine under the sunshine.  Colorful clothes will help you stand out a little more and make you look fashionable. Summer colors look great on all skin tones, so you have nothing to lose.

Here are some few summer colors you should have in your wardrobe before the summer starts



In Indian culture, the color purple is considered expensive and royal, especially when it comes in silk blends, cotton, linen, velvet and chiffon. Bright purple shades fit people of all skin tones.

Examples of beautiful purple tones you can rock during the summer


Lavender screams romantic yet elegant, which is the perfect color for a wedding celebration. Purple is the ideal color for a saree and matching kurti pyjama for the groom and bride during their wedding ceremony in the summer.


This is more of a classic purple shade and will look good in any formal wear. In the summer, you can rock an indigo choli with a floral lehenga of the same hue to a daylight event. The rays of the sun will make your outfit shine brighter.



Yellow is without any doubt one of the best and most common summer colors. It is vibrant, fresh, looks good on any ethnic outfit and can work well with any other colors. What better way to celebrate the summer sun that matching your outfits with its glow?  You can make your whole outfit radiate and be attractive to look at by wearing a complementary shade of yellow.

Sunflower yellow

Basically this is the brightest form of yellow. It will make you stand out in the summer sun. You can wear a light yellow choli top and some shorts to a walk on the beach and enjoy the fashionable look.


It may be a darker shade than the sunflower yellow, but shines as bright in the summer sunlight. Any casual outfit will look great in this shade. You can wear a choli top with some ethnic pants like a dhoti or Patiala and shine your way through a casual gathering.



Green is the most precious way to make your summer look natural and stylish; it doesn’t get any better than that. Although it is unexpected, green creates a trendy summer vibe that complements all skin tones. Green shades work well with other colors for the perfect summer look. There is an endless amount of color ranges and outfits you can create with this look, not to mention the variety of occasions you can wear them to. There is an infinite amount of possible ethnic outfits you can wear in green, here are some examples;

Mint green

It is the perfect light and luminous shade for a sunny day. You can wear a bright mint green top and dull colored bottom parts.

Lemmon/lime or grass green

This shade of green gives off a tropical vibe in any room. It is perfect for the beach and any casual occasions.  Lemmon and lime green kurti jackets will brighten up your lehenga choli, or basic jeans.


Red is the perfect color for a summer evening wear.  This color is bold, elegant and bright; which is perfect for Indian festivals, cultural events and evening social events.  Red is a showstopper, when you wear this color, make sure you are ready for the attention that will come with your outfit.

An example of the perfect red color for the summer nights

Bright red

Basically it is a shade or red that is very shiny and has a heavy hue. Bright red is the perfect color for an evening gown. Wear a bright red tulip shaped kurti from Stylecaret with some dull heels for an office party or a date



The color blue gives you a cool vibe in the summer light. Light blue shades will make you stand out in a crowd, especially one full of bold colors. Some shades of blue may not be shiny or vibrant enough like the rest of the colors, but they keep you looking calm and simple in the summer rays. a nice shade of blue that complements your skin tone will keep you elegant and fashionable at Indian festival or just simple casual gatherings.

Here are some shades of blue you can wear for summer events

Sky blue

This is the most common shade of blue and matches with almost every skin tone. You can wear traditional attire in this shade to formal and casual occasions. To feel cool in the summer heat, wear a bright salwar ensemble to work or class.

Coral blue

This is more of a lighter blue, resembling the ocean. It is another perfect color to blend in the beach environment. You can wear a coral dupatta as a cover up when you are hanging out in the beach.

Chocolate brown

Who said that dark colors won’t work with the summer vibe? Chocolate brown is one of the most fashionable and trendiest colors for the summer. You can rock any ethnic outfit in a chocolate brown shade. This color complements people of all skin tones. The best thing about chocolate brown is that it suits both day and evening occasions. It is impossible to resist a chocolate shade for your outfits; it matches with almost all summer colors.

Here are some outfits you should consider for a cool summer vibe

This shade reminds almost everyone of the sweetness of chocolate. It complements every skin tone perfectly.  It will look good on any ethnic outfit. For a classy evening look, you can blend a chocolate brown color with any bright or neon colors.  It looks good on Patiala pants, leggings, dhotis and Harlem pants among others.


If you ask me, pink is a gender neutral color that will look good in all ethnic outfits. But what do I know? The color of your outfit solely depends on the choices you make. Pink can be soft or vibrant depending on the shades and hues you pick.

The famous hot pink

It is more of a bright colored pink that is neon like. This color is perfect for a night out with your friends. Hot pink does not complement too many bright colors well. If you are going for an extreme look, match a contrasting color like green with your hot pink.

Final word

Do not be afraid to try out a new bright color this summer!  If you are a bold fashion lover you should try mixing up your colors to stand out in a crowd.


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