ZITA-BARBARA “Life is Short, Live Beautifully” is the logo of the brand started after a car accident. The designer has been selected to open Fashion Week Vegas next year with the unique idea to construct designs around her paintings while designs are walked down the catwalk to her music. Some of her designs contain hand painting. The “Thousands of Butterflies Dress” is literally constructed of thousands of hand painted butterflies. In other designs she has teamed up with the company VIDA to print her art into silks and lightweight fabrics.

One of the highlights of her work with VIDA is to help introduce the appropriately titled “cocoon wrap.” This wrap is made up of one hundred percent Vegan silk. Zita-Barbara’s work can be found online by searching VIDA’s designer base. Her unique name easily pops up and there is much art based fashion to chose from.

Her clothing is for the truly unique fashionista who believes clothing is a form of expression. Popular on VIDA is her butterfly collection and astrology collection. The artist and designer loves creating clothing lines from gym buff cross fit athletic wear to playful professional clothing made for teachers or art professionals on VIDA.

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