Fashion Trends in 2021 Spring & Summer

Generation Z and Millennials have taken charge and started dictating what fashion trends are “in”, and what is simply unacceptable this summer. For example, skinny jeans? Low-cut jeans? They’re out. In the past few years, we’ve been jumping around bringing back the 80s, 90s, and the biggest fear of millennials everywhere is the return of the early 00s.

Another big aspect of fashion trends this year is the popularity of body positivity. People are supporting every skin color, every body type, and throwing skinny privilege out with the trash. Better fashion companies are starting to make curvy clothing, while more and more companies are trying to match or complement the beautiful skin tones of various cultures.

Throw these two together, and we have the summer of 2021. Full of color, life, texture, and all sorts of patterns, this year will be welcoming back the style of the 2000s with retro vibes. The clothes of clueless, with a modern twist. The outfits of Legally Blonde, but make it more coherent. The red carpet looks of Britney and Christina without the low-cut jeans and unnecessary mixture of a tad too many textures.

In terms of color, pastels still rule the world, but some very bright colors pop in here and there, mostly in the form of spring colors of orange, yellow, blue, and some red where need be. The black days of our teens are over, this year, the only thing that’s black is the accessories. Two-piece dresses of the same patterns and monochrome sets have ruled this year, and surely they’ll make their way into the summer seasons as well. The key to nailing this summer is leaning on the accessories. Large scrunchies, silk scarves, and outrageous sunglasses are accompanied by overly colorful handbags, hats, and minimalistic jewelry.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash


Influencers everywhere have reinvented office wear, and monochrome outfits have ruled that area as well. We’ve seen a lot of dark browns, soft leather, and probably the most pleasing of them all, the return of the 70s into the offices. This means the colors of caramel, orange, green, and grey, and a lot of turtlenecks with long A-line skirts. Funnily enough, people aren’t even getting sick of this retro lifestyle that people are implementing into their everyday lives, because these outfits are modernized to perfection.

Date nights and girls’ nights have welcomed back silk textures, nude colors, and of course, we can’t forget the little black and little red dresses that have never, not even once, gone out of style.


But probably the most influential part of this year’s fashion trends that no one saw coming, was the 2-year long lockdown that created a beautiful monster in the fashion world. Basically, people realized that comfort can be stylish as well, setting free sweats, wide-legged pants, baggy shirts, and a lot of very low-effort outfits that are easy on the eyes at the same time. People have also begun making their own clothes and learning new techniques in this lockdown, making everyone’s imagination take flight.

Photo by Dom Hill on Unsplash


To summarize, the fashion trends of 2021 are a mixture of body positivity, comfort, and retro styles bundled into monochrome outfits. It is a mixture of 70s office lifestyle, 80s accessories, and 00s trends, with a hint of Coronavirus laziness. So basically the trend of 2021 is for everyone to do whatever they want, because finally, after decades of being copies of celebrities, we’re beginning to celebrate each and every individual, whether they wear pink on Wednesdays or not. So this year, take your time to look around and get inspired by the many takes on different moments in time.

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