By Lori Grace Snyder, CPC, ELI-MP

 People will Stare! Make it Worth their While! – Harry Winston

You don’t have to be a celebrity, a professor of economics, a cybersecurity attorney, a model, a banking and finance expert, a fashion designer, an expert in medical sciences, or for that matter an expert in any specific field, to be one of the most magnetic people in the room. Nor do you have to have the verbal skills of a scholar or the creative vibrancy of an art connoisseur, simply be your authentic self, and let your unique and special qualities shine. We all have gifts, use them, appreciate them, make the best of them. Everyone you know is fascinating in their own way! Stretch yourself a bit and dig deep into your confidence factor!

With the idea that you will have limited time at virtual and non-virtual business meetings, networking events, charity events, social gatherings, and other daily happenings, tap into these tips during your next encounter!

  1. Feel your best from the inside-out – When you feel good on the inside, ninety percent of the work is authentically complete to captivate on the outside. We notice those who have magnetic vibrance, a certain style, and a way of being that catches our eye. Be your brilliant self, be creative, be you.
  2. Focus on others – If you want to make a presence, make it all about them. People like to talk about themselves and like attention. Ask them questions about their interests, career, favorite things, etc. Actively listen and reflect on what they say. If you can make someone feel like they are the most interesting person in the room, you will not easily be forgotten.
  3. Be open to learning and trying new things – if your life is interesting, and you are willing to share it, you will be interesting, too. You do not need to spend vast amounts of money to learn and try new things, you just need to think creatively and have a healthy curiosity. Travel, have unique experiences, read interesting books, take a new course, pursue hobbies, the choices are simply endless. Don’t’ be one to sit around watching the same TV show for years and live only to work. Step out of your comfort zone in a good way. Always be learning and doing. Volunteer your time for charity, or any other venture you wish to pursue. In this way, not only will you be fascinating to others, but you’ll enjoy your life a lot more, too.
  4. Talk about things you are passionate about – When you talk about things that interest you, you have an authenticity and enthusiasm that is naturally attractive to people. What interests you that you can share with others? Share your enthusiasm with everyone and notice how the right people respond to you.
  5. Be confident – If you are not where you want to be in the confidence arena, work on it. We are naturally drawn to confident, charismatic people. Keep in mind, when I refer to confidence, I mean overall basic confidence. Remember, you do not have to feel confident all the time, you just have to appear to be at relevant times. Keep in mind, some of the most confident people feel shaky at one time or another, we all do. Think a moment, of a public speaker or a celebrity taking the stage. There is always a bit of jitter, know this and let it go!
  6. Read – The more non-fiction you read, the more you know – The more you know, the more opportunities you have for interesting conversations. Make a habit of reading and learning something new each day.
  7. Maintain some mystery – It is easier to be interesting if you don’t reveal every little detail about your life the moment you meet someone. There is a time and place for everything. Not all need to know all. Keep an air of mystery.
  8. Be spontaneous and unpredictable at times – Tap into your free spirit when appropriate. Be the person that spent Saturday at an elephant sanctuary.

Know that you are naturally interesting just by being your authentic self. You are already a fascinating person. However, tapping into the interests of others as well as tapping into the knowledge of others., will open you up to a whole new level of being. Learn about others with sincere interest. Focus on what you can do to help others shine and in return, you will naturally shine!

To explore the topic of stepping out of your comfort zone for both business and play, keep an eye out for Lori’s new eBook “Kiss your Comfort Zone Goodbye.” Set for publication in July 2020! In the meantime you can go over to Lori’s website or follow her on Instagram!

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