– luxurious children’s fashion since 1985

NICKI’S is not only an online shop for children’s fashion but a company with a tradition reaching back to 1985. Elke Bachstädt founded NICKI’ in 1985 at Tegernsee lake, which is a beautiful travel destination for people all over the world. Therefore a perfect location for a children’s fashion store, which offers a wide selection of luxury and premium children’s wear. Carefully selected designer clothes and the passion for beautiful fabrics make NICKI’S the global destination for high quality children’s fashion. The wide range of international brands and the concept store itself attract customers worldwide and since the launch of the website in 2009 the shopping experience can be continued online. Luxury brands and well-chosen items for Girls and Boys aged 0 – 18 years can be found in the online shop, which does not only offer a convenient shopping experience but also first class customer service.

Shopping for high quality children’s fashion has never been easier. Whereas most online shops for children’s wear stock items of few brands and styles, NICKI’S offers a vast selection of designers, fashion and sizes. While shopping online or in store, you can’t help but notice the thought put into each individual piece they present to their customers, which is why the whole shopping experience is so unique. NICKI’S is not a shop to just buy pretty clothes for son and daughter, but rather a website to browse and get inspired. What I love most is the exquisite choice of luxury brands containing Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and many more. It is not often, that an online shop can offer their customers beautiful children’s wear from well respected designers and brands.

Gucci is a brand I have known and loved for a long time. But the clothes and designs are also available for children, which makes Gucci a luxury brand catered to the needs of both adults and children. Characteristic as well as newly designed pieces are part of Gucci’s children’s wear collection and bring an elegant aspect to children’s wardrobes. Classy Sweaters and cardigans with a colored seam, jeans and sweatshirts with fun prints and chic loafers are only a few of the styles Gucci offers to their young customers. Such a desirable brand is hard to get hold of, due to the well established and trusted relationship between NICKI’ and the leading brand however, shopping for Gucci children’s fashion is easily possible.

Alongside an extensive range of international luxury and premium brands, NICKI’ shares the values they stand for in form of hand-selected clothes and accessories. The dedication for high quality and luxury conveys into each clothing item they present on their website and in store. Due to the variety of brands and designs, customers are bound to find a suitable outfit for every occasion. Whether your child prefers casual or very neat clothing, NICKI’S mirrors individual wishes and events through their variety of tasteful children’s fashion. If there is a wedding to attend, children are also asked to make an effort with their appearance. The Label Une Hautre Couture is a perfect fit for such a special occasion, being a brand to fashion mostly detailed dresses for little girls. Suits and dress shirts for young boys are available from designers like Ralph Lauren and Armani, which makes choosing the right outfit for a particular event an easy task, for both daughter and son. NICKI’S portrays not only a tradition in children’s fashion, but conveys the message of luxurious clothing and designs for children with a charming approach.

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