Its Time To Know More About Talented Zanni Blaz

One cannot deny that fashion has evolved over the years. Fashion does not mean you need to put on the coziest and flashy outfits to communicate confidence, but anybody who loves fashion can tell that more than the appearance, it’s the way of uplifting confidence and boosting spirit.

I had always been fond of fashion and truth is, this is my major passion ever since I am 3 years old. I have spent countless times reading Vogue magazines. I appreciate and enjoy even simple moments like seeing my mom and my dad all dressed up. For me, my love and passion for fashion is also a tool for connection. My dad on his coats and my mom on her beautiful dress and jewelry are instances that make my connection stronger not just to fashion but them.

My biggest fashion inspirations are Grace Jones, Lil Kim, Jean Paul Gaultier & Naomi Campbell.  I love fashion and have hopes to also walk the runway or join fashion shows one day. I also dream of showcasing my talents in major fashion shows. I plan to start my one YouTube channel that will be mainly all about me so others can gain more profound insights about my personality, my desires, passion and most of all my love for fashion. I hope that my channel will inspire and empower more women. I also plan to start a fashion style vlog, and I will feature VMA, Grammy, Bet Awards major industry and fashion awards.

All these things make my passion and fondness to fashion even stronger. Of course, every person feels differently about fashion, but for me, this is somehow where I am rooting from not just to become stylish, empowered and successful woman but also a woman who touches the heart of many and inspire them in my little ways.

For me, fashion is more than just wearing an outfit with confidence. It is also about wearing what you love with style while being confident in your skin. It is feeling confident and looking balanced in many circumstances. Fashion is changing and continuously evolving and being able to adapt to these changes; you’ll automatically feel better and more fulfilled.

Empowerment is also about confidence and fashion is a great tool to reflect this. For me, it has personal aesthetic, and this could be more than just the colors, proportions and prints that you wear altogether.

I am hopeful that all fashion lovers and enthusiasts will visit my YouTube channel and my Vlog to learn more about me and to explore fashion. My channel and Vlogs are my means of bringing fashion closer to people and helping them dig deep until they discover the same passion, interest, and fondness in this field just as I am.

Fashion covers a broad world, but there is no way you can’t dominate such a world if you have that strong desire and passion for it. This probably explains why I am into this field so deep.

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