Adding Elegance To Your Interior Design

If you’re going for a more elegant look to your home’s interior, there are certain design elements you’ll need to work into your layout.  Interior design is all about learning how to manipulate the aesthetics of your home into a manner of your liking, so don’t sell yourself short.

Take the time to really research what you can do to add that extra touch of excellence, and remember to take notes.  Start now, and read through this brief summary, featuring some tips for adding elegance to your home’s interior design.


Display your musical talents

Displaying musical instruments in your home can add class to the design, especially if you’re a pianist.  A gorgeous Steinway piano adorning your living room with class is a great way to get a head start on elegance.

A brass or stringed instrument is always a good way to add a more refined touch to your style of decoration.  Be choosy about the instruments you display as some instruments speak a different message in terms of design.


Add art to your walls

The art you choose to adorn the walls of your home can make quite a statement as well.  IF you’re looking for a more elegant touch, go with landscapes or black and white imagery.

Depending on the theme of your design, the art you choose can completely shift the feel of a space.  Choose wisely, and take your overall design one piece at a time.


Clean up the clutter in your home

Clutter doesn’t speak elegance to visitors.  A foundational aspect of a good design is that there is a lack of clutter in the space.

Start the transition to your new design by decluttering the usable and unusable spaces in your home.  Get creative with the way you choose to store things, and consider renting an outside storage space for seasonal items.


Think smart about curtains

The curtains and other drapery you choose to add to your home’s aesthetic makes a huge difference in the overall look that is created.  Take the time to consider a few different options for your curtains before you decide on what to hang over your windows.

The theme of elegance typically involves whites and lots of soft colors.  You could go bold with your color/design choices, but be careful not to overinvest yourself.  Leave yourself room to hate it when you see it in place.


Choose your paint colors wisely

Color is key when you’re working to achieve a specific feel throughout your home.  Learn the impact of various colors on the color wheel, and go through several sample palettes to find the most elegant combination of hues for your space.


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