Allurdevine – Super-Effective Makeup Remover Wipes That are Actually Kind to Your Skin

Everybody loves makeup. Nobody loves removing them.

That’s time-consuming, boring work, especially when you are deadbeat tired at the end of a long day. The prospect of going to bed without removal starts to look real tempting, doesn’t it?

Well, Sleeping in your makeup is practically skincare harakiri. And even when you do force yourself to clear up, the wrong remover can actually do more harm than good to your skin.

The answer to all your makeup remover woes comes in the form of a lovely purple package and under $10. Say hello to the all-new Allurdevine Makeup Remover Face Wipes. it’s oil-free, safe and gentle on sensitive skin, dissolves the stubbornest of makeups including waterproof mascara stains, and is perfectly travel-friendly.

Want to know more? Read on!

It’s fragrance and oil-free

Added fragrances may make your remover smell good, but the chemicals in them are bad news for your skin. Oil, on the other hand, helps in removing stubborn makeup but brings in closed pores, residue build-up, and infection risks with it, especially around the eye.

Allurdevine makeup remover face wipes are completely free from oil and fragrance, so you can stop worrying about infections or rashes.

Gentle but thorough cleanse

When your elaborate eye makeup refuses to budge, it can be tempting to scrub it out. That’s, however, extremely harmful for your skin and can cause rashes and breakouts. The signature formula in Allurdevine dissolves layers of makeup with the gentlest of touch so that your skin remains safe from removal-related damage.

It nourishes and hydrates

Allurdevine is enriched with Vitamin E and many natural ingredients which help keep your skin hydrated and soft. With Allurdevine makeup remover wipes every time you remove your makeup your skin gets some added boost of nourishment and protection from dryness.

Safe for sensitive skin

When it comes to makeup routines, having sensitive skin can feel like a curse. Sensitive skin reacts to all sort of chemicals in both makeup and makeup remover products, causing irritation and instant breakouts.

Allurdevine makeup remover wipes are made with gentle and natural ingredients which do not react to your skin in any way. What’s more, the product has been tested by expert dermatologists and ophthalmologists and has been found to be safe for use on sensitive skin.

Super handy and travel-friendly

Carrying around liquid or cream-based removers can be a messy task. No such worries with Allurdevine makeup remover wipes. They come in a handy package of 60 wiping sheets which fits snugly into most handbags and purses, and there’s no risk of product leakage.

Also, you don’t even need to rinse after using the wipes on your face. So whether it is an unexpected sleepover or a whirlwind office tour, Allurdevine face wipes are a perfect solution for removal needs on the go.


For the go-getters and travellers of the world, Allurdevine makeup remover wipes are nothing short of a trusted BFF. Use them to wipe off stubborn makeup, to give your face a thorough cleanse even in the absence of water, or just to refresh and hydrate your skin in a matter of minutes. Ready for shiny, healthy, clear skin? Just click here!

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