If every day feels like a struggle, it sure feels tiring knowing that you have to get up pretty early in the morning all because you must aim for the perfect look. You must have a perfect hair and make-up and the polished slicked look.

You are always working in form-fitting clothes, a long-sleeved blazer that is too tight and a pair of trousers in which you can`t even sit properly. What is even worse, you get to feel like that every day, minimum five days in the week. Furthermore, these dull, boring and structured clothes don’t even represent your fun and out-going personality.

If you feel like you should change but don’t know how you should check out buddha trends and find your new comfortable yet stylish clothes there. They are a Canadian company that is taking care of women all over the world, with a worldwide shipping, and making sure that on top of being fashionable clothes must be comfortable too.

Finding the perfect balance in wearing business casual clothes for work can be a bit of a challenge and it can depend on where you work. Since appropriate clothing can often break or make a career, follow a few simple rules to polish you comfortable work appropriate look. These are some basic points and tips to keep in mind. You can follow these tips and tricks to get you to the point when going to work in casual yet stylish clothes will be your habit rather than a problem.

Business casual is a mix of business professional and casual wear. Nowadays business casual is an everyday requirement. Most common business clothing pieces are: blazers, suit, skirt or pants but the trick here is you mustn’t wear them together in matching combinations and most commonly used colors are in neutral and pastel colors like black, grey, navy, brown, beige, and white. You can add pops of color to these neutrals to show your personality and keep your combinations fun.

  • Casual business pants

Trousers are primary option and the most obvious one for most women in the workplace. The first thing to make sure when buying one is that they are made from skin friendly materials in which your skin can easily “breathe” like cotton including corduroy, linen or maybe wool for winter. Choose a loose fit oversized cut with wide-legged, that will make you feel comfortable and on top of that will make you look slimmer. As if for the color, choose basic neutrals and then combine them with colored tops. Experiment with pinstripes or small plaid. One of the most important things is, to choose to waistline properly, go with mid-rise or high-rise.

  • Business casual blouses and tops

Going from neutral pants, now it’s the time to add some color to an outfit to make it pop. Choose a blouse or a top in a vivid color that will complement your eyes and skin tone. There is numerous of variations like plaids-if you are a more “rebellious”; pastels- if you are the romantic type; florals- to be more feminine and girly; polka-dots; stripes; navy colors; prints and patterns; the choices are truly endless. When colder in autumn or winter you can stick with long sleeves or maybe ¾ sleeves, and in summer short ones or a cap sleeves. Your neckline must be modest with a collared, boat neck or turtleneck. You can tuck your shirt in to make it more chic.

  • Business casual skirts or dresses

While trousers are a more on-the-go combination, don’t forget about Hippie Dresses and skirts too. The colorful tops and blouses can go very well in combination with skirts rather than trousers too. You can try all sorts of skirts with a different shape, which are most likely to fit different types of body structures, so choose yours wisely. They can be a pencil skirt, A-line skirt, pleated one, or maybe in pinstripe or herringbone pattern. You can also go with colored skirts but avoid bright colors or prints, maybe go with more subtle patterns.

Dresses, on the other hand, are an easy choice for business casual attire since you don’t have to even think how to pair bottoms and tops. You should, of course, follow the rules when it comes to the length of the sleeves and the neckline. The length of the dress should be few inches above the knee or few inches below the knee. Try out maybe with more subtle patterns and navy colors to add up to a winning combination.

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