ChubRub -An All Natural Anti Chafe Stick by Zone Naturals

Have you seen the new all natural Chub Rub Formula by Zone Naturals? It’s an all natural anti chafe stick by Zone Naturals. It was just released this summer but the reviews have been great and it is selling fast. If you suffer from chafing, chafe, thigh rub or friction issues on your thighs, arms, breasts, give this all natural solution a try. The makers have been working with skin care topicals since 2001 and this new product has been a lifesaver to many thighs this summer.

Combined with a number of other key ingredients to produce a long-lasting, grease-free, rich blend, this anti-friction stick feels as good as it performs.Apply anywhere skin rubs together including thighs, bust, the underside of your arms, etc. Breathe a sigh of relief. For external use only.Let your skin drink up the benefits of organic coconut oil. Enjoy this skin-protecting moisturizer that helps to even out skin tone, in addition to having anti-inflammatory properties.

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