Ex BodyBuilder Turned Music Mogul On A Path To Legend

Who is Kilo M.O.E.?

As a music producer, songwriter, rapper, athlete and businessman, Kilo M.O.E (born Maurice Jones) has proven time and time again that you can do it all. With a career spanning over two decades, kilo has put out six mix tapes, two music videos and in this era of the internet, his music has been streamed over hundreds of thousand times. After a successful career as a personal trainer, he went on to establish his independent record label, On My Grizzly (OMG) entertainment in 2012. Since then, his music has continued to gain recognition in the nation.

Kilo refuses to be restricted by labels. In his exclusive interview with Mama Hustle, when asked whether he would describe his music as rap or hip hop, Kilo says “I like to say I’m somewhere in between. You know, I just consider myself a music artiste.” That right there is the major reason he has stayed relevant through the years. His commitment to the art of good music is easily recognizable in his consistent body of work.

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