An Exclusive Interview With Asa Palagi an Independent Candidate for Governor of Washington

Editor Cnf Mag: Why did you decide to enter politics?

I saw Washington being ran poorly and I felt a sense that people are genuinely worried about the future.  To put it simply, I thought I could do a better job.  I am not the kind of man to wait around for someone else to toss their hat in the ring.  Having served the public my whole life through various jobs, specifically the military, it’s time to bring selfless service back to politics.

Editor Cnf Mag:Why are you running for Governor of Washington?

I am regularly asked why I do not run for a legislative branch first.  Legislation is a job that is entirely administrative.  With my background as an Army Officer and a businessman (Asa Palagi is one of the founders of Cascadia Global Security) my skill set is entirely that of an executive position. It is also to note that I have no interest in being a career politician.  I am not trying to establish a “career” in politics.  And finally, as I stated before, I know I can do a better job than our current Governor.

Editor Cnf Mag:On your campaign website you have discussed public private partnerships, can you expand on that?

Public private partnerships (P3) are the way of the future.  They will allow the building and maintenance of public infrastructure from private money instead of raising taxes like we have done for too long.  Instead of taxing the rich more, this allows them to voluntarily give money to the important projects.  It’s a consensual transaction that will allow for more efficient government services.

Editor Cnf Mag: Can you give an example of a project?

Let me give an example of creating a new bridge to alleviate traffic.  The public sector would be the party that notices the need for the project and decides on the location and reason for the project.  Through various different systems, a private company would be selected to manage and complete the project.  The private company would fund the entire project and be paid back by the tolls and fees associated with the bridge.  They would be placed in charge of maintenance for an agreed upon length of time, say 30 years. The public would own the bridge and use thereof while the private company would maintain and own the profits.  It is a simple win-win.

Editor Cnf Mag: What do you think are some possible solutions to Washington’s homelessness crisis?

It is time we try a free market approach.  We need to focus on not letting people become homeless in the first place and put the work in upfront as opposed to dealing with issues once they are a crisis.  The key to this is lowering tax burdens, easing access to entrepreneurship, and allow the private sector to do what it does best- create new goods, services, and jobs.  It is to note that the homelessness issue is not one size fits all.

Editor Cnf Mag: What potential do you see for state action to impact clean energy?

Like most things, I believe that all strides towards clean energy will come from the private sector.  Look at companies like Tesla or Rivian.  They are companies that will progress the world, and they are not state mandated.  Clean energy is the future and it is what people want.  The markets always have provided for the wants of the people.

Editor Cnf Mag:  You speak about lowering taxes, how would you do that exactly?

The first step is to not pass anything that increases taxation, our current state debt is almost 98 billion dollars.  It is much easier to never pass a tax increase in the first place than repeal it.  The second step is finding creative solutions to provide the services that people want and rely on.  For example having private companies care for roadways instead of tax money.  In turn they get recognition.

Editor Cnf Mag :  Can you elaborate on that?

Let’s take the example of a 20 mile stretch of i-90.  Private companies could bid on the responsibility to manage parts of the roadway.  In turn, they would get the ability to market their company, within guidelines.  A sign could say, “This road is maintained by Boeing”.  Companies would want to represent themselves well and compete for the best stretches of maintenance in the state.  The taxpayers would get nicer and more maintained roadways than they do now and the state could generate income through the bidding process by private companies.  It’s a win-win.

Editor Cnf Mag: Could we talk a little bit more about what your plans and aspirations?  Beyond your current campaign.

Personally?  I have no interest in becoming a career politician.  In fact, I think the best politicians are those who were first successful, or simultaneously successful, in other endeavours.  My resume shows this loudly and clearly.  As for now, I am only focused on Washington.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Editor Cnf Mag: What advice would you like to offer the younger generations in Washington when it comes to politics?

Don’t talk about it, be about it.

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