Give To A Cause That Moves You And Explore Nonprofits

How are you today? Did you sleep well?  Imagine you woke up this morning depressed, haunted by guilt, and reminded of the smell of blood & gunpowder.  You feel homeless and your mind is not at peace.  Our Veteran heroes are waking up this way and by the end of today, 22 of our Veteran heroes will have committed suicide.

Do you know a Veteran?  (P.T.S.D.) is stealing Veterans lives.  Veterans need you.  BusiNeighbor Inc. need 3,000 heroes like you to donate 100.00 on Georgia Gives Day. The goal is to open a Veterans Recreation Center. On 11/17/2016 heroes like you will go to search for BusiNeighbor and donate.

Together let’s P(put)T(the) S(smack down on) D(depression)

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