High Quality Masks – Made in the USA

High Quality Mask is a great Team dedicated to our customers and we stand behind our product as the best product on the market for handmade none medical masks.

Before we started to make masks we searched and researched for the right materials and designs. We found in many studies and Laboratory tests, that the best materials to use are 100% Cotton T-Shirt and 100 % Cotton fabric. These studies also showed that these materials are the most efficient for none medical mask and when used 2 Layered are even better than surgical mask. These materials also have been proven to be very breathable, light weight and protective. Customers come to our store after they bought somewhere else because they could not breath and are now happy and protected.

High Quality Masks

We also redesigned templatesesigned after guidlines for none medical mask by CDC (snuggly fits the face, completely covers mouth and nose, allows for breathing without restrictions, can be machine washed and dryed without damage). None of the available templates we found online did fit that discription, so we have tailored our masks directly to real faces for all sizes. Our masks are stylish to look good in a mask and cute for kids, so that they love to wear a mask.

Our Masks are machine washable and dryable without loosing their shape or effectivenes

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