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When it comes to online shopping we all looking for the latest fashion trends,  The Offord Brand is the one-stop destination. This online fashion store comprises of the trendiest tops, hottest dresses, skirts, jackets, i9 bags, accessories for women online shopping.

The Offord Brand is a lifestyle brand with a vision rooted in living life as your true self. We like to call it “Live Life Loyal.”Each item is designed to galvanize, inspire, and influence positivity! Established in 2017, The Offord Brand offers lifestyle apparel for everyone who wants the most out of life and demands the same from their gear.

Excellence doesn’t happen by accident, it’s a choice and we at The Offord Brand choose to be the very best at what we do as fashionologist and connoisseurs of quality.In an effort to support all those that support us, a portion of each sale goes to support disabled veterans and wounded warrior organizations across the state of Mississippi.


Who doesn’t want to stay trendy? Everyone does. Synonymous with chic and glamorous, The Offord Brand is an exclusive fashion online shopping store for all who are rebellious and love quirky and unconventional styling. Featuring season’s most trending outfits and much-in-fame accessories in the realm of fashion, The Offord Brand is the best online store for people who loves to own ensembles that are sexy, hot, cool and fashionable.

Live Life Loyal!

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