Plus Size Fitness & Dance Instructor Mizz Jackiee showing everyone that sexy doesn’t have a size limit

A plus size fitness instructor is sticking two fingers up to expectations within society that anything other than skinny means unhealthy.Mizz.Jackiee showing everyone that sexy doesn’t have a size limit

Mizz.Jackiee is a plus size pole/fitness/dance instructor (yes you read that right). She owns GoPole Fitness and tours the world teaching her lap dance class Dancing For Zaddy (trademarked). This woman understands being plus size in her career of choice is definitely controversial (and I’m sure teaching in leotards doesn’t help) but She wouldn’t have it any other way. Shes all about the everyday woman finding her inner sexy. Being sexy has almost become a negative for woman. And God forbid a big woman dare see herself as sexy. Mizz.Jackiee also want to changing the way people see fitness. When She started pole She was over 300lbs. After being fat shamed at a local pole studio and She turned her experience into her motivation. That put her on the path to losing 125lbs. It wasn’t long before she created GoPole Fitness TM & “Dancing For Zaddy” TM.

“If I can dance in a leotard with my ass cheeks hanging out so can you!”~Mizz.Jackiee

Her goal is to take over the world! Mizz.Jackiee is currently preparing to host a retreat in Italy and opening her second GoPole Fitness location in LA (they are currently located in Buffalo,NY). This is just the beginning!

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