What are Skin Blemishes or Spots?

Skin Blemishes or spots are alterations in skin pigmentation, they may be dark or light and usually appear around the eyes, on the cheeks, on the forehead, neck, nose or upper lip.

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Types of dark skin spots by hyperpigmentation:

  • Freckles: Very common, usually happens in fair skin and are caused by a micro-injury due to the accumulation of pigment.
  • Age Spots: Spots of variable brown hue that appear with age.
  • Sunspots: Spots of light brown hue caused by exposure to UV light.
  • Moles: They appear as flat lesions or with a slight relief with black or brown tones. They show up at birth, but some may appear as we age, they are often benign though sometimes it evolves as a melanoma.
  • Melasma (Pregnancy cloth): Most of the time it affects the feminine gender, especially during pregnancy and disappear at the end of it. It manifests as brownish skin tone variations, which usually appear on the forehead, cheeks and chin.

What causes dark skin spots?

When dark spots appear on the skin it can be due to internal or external factors. Both congenital and acquired factors cause the appearance of skin blemishes and spots.

Internal Factors that cause skin blemishes on the skin:

  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Hormonal disorders are one of the most frequent causes and may be due to pregnancy or hormonal treatments with estrogen.
  • Diseases or pathologies such as Addison’s disease, Vitiligo, among others.

External factors that cause dark spots on the skin:

  • Misuse of products or use of products and fragrances with alcohol used in areas exposed to the sun, such as the face.
  • Shaving improperly caused scratches or irritations.
  • Not having adequate treatment to prevent or control acne.
  • When in old age you do not take care of the most exposed areas such as: arms, hands and face.
  • Overexposure to solar rays.

Other elements can cause damage and generate spots on the skin?

  • Tobacco; studies have shown that nicotine alters the activity of melanocytes the cells that protect melanin.
  • Inadequate diet; not eating certain nutrients might lead to the appearance of spots.
  • Phototype; related to the whitest and thinnest skins and with the least amount of collagen, which tend to be more vulnerable to possible alterations, including spots.
  • Contraceptive pills; which may sometimes affect the correct functioning of the melanocytes.
  • Drugs that tend to be photosensitizing.
  • Pathogens; such as fungi and bacteria, some of which cause the appearance of spots.
  • Age; as skin loses elasticity and deteriorates over the years.

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Most of us don’t want blemishes and spots on our skin to appear or be noticed. However most of us will have them at one time or another, so it is a good idea to understand each of them so that we may know the severity of each of them and take the needed actions. Do consider that most times consulting a physician is the best strategy to figure out what your skin spots may be.


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